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Somatic Trauma Coaching Offering


This experience explores deep trauma healing, activating inner wounds, breakthrough intergenerational trauma cycles, shadow work, inner child healing, and self-care planning, with Somatic stimulation (EMDR Inspired techniques) and coaching support to uncover even deeper. 

SOMATIC STIMULATION works with a combination of EMDR techniques and psycho-somatic practices to help rewire the mind, body, and soul. It can't make you forget what happened or turn unpleasant memories into good ones, but the goal is to take away the power of these experiences. Instead, you regain control over your present-day actions, thoughts, and emotions. SOMATIC STIMULATION is all about giving you back control so that you can enjoy your life, healthy relationships, and discover your inner self that has always been there, shrouded by the traumatic experiences. 

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